Upgrading our Strategy

Gamification is perfect for this scenario. Allows us to look at it with the goal of winning. Sometimes you have to lose a piece or suffer short term pain for long term gain. Whatever the angle is – you go to win.

Nice analogy, Brad!

Brad Ferguson

I used to struggle with the number of hours kids spend playing mindless video games. Minecraft, Farmville, Tropico, Settlers …. there seems to be an endless supply of, and demand for, non-violent nation-building games.

I used to think they were wasting their time. But I have come to develop great hope that they in fact are developing the skills to run our province with much greater foresight than previous generations.

Think about it. If you were given this wonderfully productive piece of land called Alberta, what would you do? What would you build? How would you create a society so productive and so prosperous that you would be the envy of the world?

Imagine digging a hole in the northeast part of the province and discovering what is now the Oil Sands – an endless supply of thick, dark, peanut butter like substance worth trillions of dollars. Would your first…

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First Nation Business Support (Canada-wide)

(most info [sic] from Anishinabek Consultants Inc. Amik.ca newsletter)


1. Tale’awtxw Aboriginal Capital Corporation (British Columbia)


Tale’awtxw Aboriginal Capital Corporation is an Aboriginal Financial Institution; TACC is committed to supporting the success of Aboriginal Businesses within the Coast Salish Traditional Territories with business financing and support services. We hope to provide you with inspiration, tools, resources and information to use towards building, conceptualizing or expanding your business.

Accessing Financing: Tale’awtxw provides financing for Aboriginal Entrepreneurs including Status, Metis, and Inuit and UNN members. As an Aboriginal Entrepreneur starting or expanding a Small Business, we understand it can be difficult to access financing for your venture and we have options to meet your needs. Available starting in April of each year; the First Citizens Fund (FCF) option offers a 40% forgiveness portion over the life of your loan offering borrowing power up to $75,000. Our TACC Conventional Loan does not include a forgiveness portion, yet is competitive with mainstream financing with competitive interest rates and flexible amortization terms. You can also combine the First Citizens Fund with the TACC Conventional Loan to make the most of your borrowing power for the needs of your small business.


2. Alberta Indian Investment Corporation


A.I.I.C. provides interest-bearing loans to First Nation entrepreneurs for the purpose of establishing, acquiring, diversifying or expanding a business. In some cases, equity financing may also be available. Interest rates are competitive. Loans are generally for periods of up to 5 years.

Financial Assistance: • Loans to on and off reserve businesses • Equipment loans • Loans to set up new business • Loans to expand business • Loans for working capital • Equity Financing • Life insured loans • Fixed or floating interest rates • Flexible repayment terms • Competitive rates/terms Applicants for financial assistance must: • have a business plan which shows that their business will be profitable • contribute their own equity as a portion of the total financing of the business • have adequate collateral security • have acceptable credit rating Eligibility: To be eligible for A.I.I.C services, applicants must meet the following criteria: • must be a Status Indian who has resided in Alberta for at least one year • if a corporation or partnership, the Status Indian must own at least 51% of any shares, participate more that 51% in profits, and above all, must be active in managing the business • The applicant’s head office must be in Alberta The following types of funding applications are generally ineligible for A.I.I.C financing services: • personal, housing or consumer loans • farming, ranching or other agricultural ventures • feasibility studies • Investment properties

Alberta Indian Investment Corporation Contact Information:
P.O. Box 180
Enoch, Alberta
T7X 3Y3
E mail: info@aiicbusiness.org
Phone: (780) 470-3600
Toll Free: 1-888-308-6789
Fax: (780) 470-3605
Website: www.aiicbusiness.org

3. Saskatchewan Indian Equity Foundation Inc


Aboriginal Youth Business Initiative (AYBI) The Aboriginal Youth Business Initiative (AYBI) is a financial program established to provide business loans directly to Aboriginal youth. Training and support services are also available. The objective of this program is to increase access to capital and business management services for Aboriginal youth. SIEF provides access to capital to help young people build entrepreneurial interest and capacity. SIEF also provides pre-lending training and post-lending mentoring and coaching services to youth businesses to ensure high levels of success. The program is open to all types of Aboriginal youth business. We provide start-up capital for new businesses with viable business plans, and we lend funds to existing businesses for expansion, modernization or the acquisition of fixed assets.

The AYBI program is available to businesses that are 51 percent Aboriginal owned and/or operated and dedicated to the employment of Aboriginal workers. The maximum loan is $15,000 with an interest rate of 8.5%. Any Aboriginal youth from age 18 to 35 inclusive is eligible, as are businesses, corporations and partnerships where at least 51 percent is owned and controlled by an Aboriginal youth.


4. First Peoples Economic Growth Fund (Manitoba)

First Peoples Fund

This program is intended to provide support to Manitoba First Nation individuals or First Nation-based enterprises which, in the opinion of the Fund, have a business concept that, through initial screening, provides excellent opportunity but demonstrates a need for financial assistance with a professional business plan in order to attract financing for the business.

This program allows the applicant to engage the services of a professional consultant to assist in the research and development of a quality business plan that will be used to attract financing. Applicants should also attach a business concept summary. The business concept summary should include but not be limited to: business overview, industry overview, marketing strategy, management experience, staffing, estimated project costs and financing.

Nature of Funding • Funding available is up to 75% of the costs to a maximum of $20,000. This funding is non-repayable. Who is Eligible? Applicants must: • Be a member of a Manitoba First Nation, living on or off reserve in Manitoba • Be aged 18 and over, and eligible to work in Canada • Submit an application describing the business for which they wish to develop a business plan • Not have owned a similar business in the past 12 months • Provide the name and qualifications of the proposed consultant, proposed terms of reference and a written proposal, including a quote. It is recommended that three competitive quotes are obtained.



5. Waubetek Business Development Corporation (Ontario)


Aboriginal Student Business Loans The Aboriginal Student Business Loans (ASBL) Program provides loan financing of up to $1,500 for new or existing student businesses. This program is generally for those students who wish to create their own summer business or become self-employed. Eligibility These student business loans are currently available to Aboriginal youth 15 to 25 years of age who is a member one of the First Nations within our service area.

Program Description • The maximum loan amount available per business is $1,500 (limit may be exceeded depending on the business plan). • All applicants are required to contribute 5% towards the total cost of their project up front as a cash equity investment. • Applicants under the age of 19 years will require a guarantee on each loan (parent, guardian or business person). • The interest rate for loans is the prime lending rate. • Repayment terms are flexible, depending on the type of business. • All applicants must be returning to school as a full-time student in the fall of the same year. • All applicants must prepare and submit a business plan (a template will be provided). • Year-round, part-time or seasonal businesses also eligible.

For more information, please contact a Business Development Officer at:
Waubetek Business Development Corporation General Delivery
Birch Island, Ontario
P0P 1A0
Telephone (705) 285-4275
Fax:(705) 285-4584
Email: waubetek@waubetek.com
Website:  http://www.waubetek.com/default.aspx

6. Jeunes Promoteurs (Quebec)

Jeunes Promoteurs

Applies to: Quebec If you want to start up your first business and you are between the ages of 18 and 35, you may be eligible to obtain financial assistance.

• Component 1 – Preparation of a business plan: 75% of your expenses to carry out a feasibility study are eligible. • Component 2 – Establishment of a first business: If you have a business plan and will create at least two jobs, 50% of your expenses are eligible. • Component 3 – Entrepreneur training: Acquire training that is relevant to your business plan and obtain access to assistance that could cover all your eligible expenses.

For more information please go to: http://www.acldq.qc.ca/fr/entrepreneur-jp.php

7. Aboriginal Business Development Fund (Ulnooweg Loan – Atlantic Canada)


Applies to: New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador You could get a repayable loan of up to $250,000 to start or buy a business, grow the one you already have or refinance your business, if you: • Are a status or non-status Aboriginal (First Nations, Métis or Inuit) • Are living on or off reserve • Live in the Atlantic Provinces (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador) • Own 51% or more of the business People aged 35 or younger may also be eligible for smaller loans (up to $15,000) at a lower interest rate. Ulnooweg Development Group Inc. administers the loans on behalf of the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency. A commercial accounts manager will work with you and help you to find other business services for Aboriginal entrepreneurs.

To find out more information go to their website: http://www.ulnooweg.ca/busloans.php

8. SEED Canada (Atlantic Canada)

Service Canada

Seed Capital Program The Seed Capital Program, a community based initiative made available by the Community Business Development Corporations (CBDCs) and other community led organizations, provides loans to start, expand or improve a small business, as well as acquire business skills training. Making It Your Business More Atlantic Canadians are starting their own businesses than ever before, and it’s not hard to see why. Being an entrepreneur offers independence, the chance to make your own decisions and do things your own way, and the potential for tremendous rewards. The Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) provides contributions to CBDCs and other organizations to help Atlantic Canadians acquire the business skills and capital they need to start modernize and expand their businesses through the Seed Capital Program. Seed Capital Program The Seed Capital Program provides loans to start, expand or improve a small business, as well as acquire business skills training.

• A maximum of $20,000 is available per applicant in the form of a repayable, unsecured personal loan with flexible interest and repayment terms. • A maximum of $2,000 is available per applicant for specialized training and business counselling. Eligibility • Applicants must reside in Atlantic Canada • Applicants must be the majority owners of their businesses • Applicants under 35 years of age may use the loan to start-up, expand or modernize a business • Applicants 35 years of age and older may use the loan to start a new business only • The loan may be used to leverage other investments • The loan cannot be used to purchase an existing business • The loan cannot be used for refinancing existing debts or business restructuring

More Information: For more information on the Seed Capital Program, please contact the Canada Business nearest you at: 1-888-576-4444 or go to http://www.servicecanada.gc.ca/eng/goc/seed_capital.shtml

9. Aboriginal Business Development Program: (N.W.T, Nunavut and Yukon)


If you’re Aboriginal and live in the Canadian North, you could get financial assistance to start and grow a business. You can also get help with: • Business planning • Start-up • Marketing You need to own at least 51% of your business.

CanNor, Yukon Territory Region – Email: Ytinfo@cannor.gc.ca
CanNor, Northwest Territories Region – Email: altaf.lakhani@cannor.gc.ca
CanNor, Nunavut Region – Email: ecdevnunavut@cannor.gc.ca


10.  National Aboriginal Capital Corporations Association


The National Aboriginal Capital Corporations Association (NACCA) is the association for a network of Aboriginal Financial Institutions (AFIs) dedicated to stimulating economic growth for First Nations, Métis and Inuit by promoting and underwriting Aboriginal business development. AFIs provide business financing and support to Aboriginal businesses, which can include; business loans, financial consulting services, aftercare and start-up support.


11.  Aboriginal Business Canada

Aboriginal Business Canada

Aboriginal Business Canada is a program of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC). Working with clients and partners, we provide a range of services and support that is helping to promote the growth of a strong Aboriginal business sector in Canada. Our support varies depending upon the needs of the client, the availability, and sources of funding, the eligibility of costs, the economic benefits, and the reasonableness and timing of financial returns on investment.


12. Aboriginal Business Development Fund


Did you know that you could get funding at the community level? The ABDF (Aboriginal Business Development Fund) is a program that provides tools for Aboriginal entrepreneurs who choose to start their own businesses. The funds are available through a community-based organization.

What is an ABDF? • The fund increases access to capital for Aboriginal entrepreneurs who would normally not qualify for a loan • Loans combine financing with management training and on-going mentorship. The entrepreneur commits by undertaking training to enhance management skills and agrees to ongoing mentorship. The loan is disbursed only after these conditions are met • The fund benefits the community and serves as a business model for other communities to follow

What is BDC’s commitment? BDC has committed $1 million dollars for 4 ABDFs in various regions of Canada. Agreements have currently been signed for 3 ABDFs. For all of these agreements, the funds are delivered at the grassroots level and involve amounts varying from $5,000 to $20,000. The loans are fully repayable with terms varying from 2 to 3 years depending on the project’s cash-flow expectations.

For more information go to: http://www.bdc.ca/EN/i_am/aboriginal_entrepreneur/Pages/default.aspx

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Well played fine sir!

Warren Buffett putting people in their place like a boss!!

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Ancient Wisdom

This was handed to me from my Dad when I went off to university and left home in 1997.  It’s a grounding piece for me.  Thanks Dad.  Kiichi-meegwetch.
– SG

Three Statements of “Ancient Wisdom”

Statement 1.  The need for individuals to have “Family Belonging ness”.

Statement 2.  The need for individuals to have a sense of what is RIGHT and what is WRONG.

Statement 3.  The need for balance between “Individual-ism” and “Group-ism”.

There is a need to understand, use and blend these statements in order to maintain and continue balance.

-Herman Green

Famous Prayer of Thanks by Chief Seattle

Chief Seattle

Image by brewbooks via Flickr

Every part of this Earth is sacred,
Every shining pine needle,
Every sandy shore,
Every thing in the dark woods;

Teach your children that the earth is our Mother
As, whatever befalls the Earth, befalls the children of the earth.
We are part of the earth, and the earth is part of us and,
We belong to the earth.

This we know, “All things are connected”.
Like the blood which unites one family, all things are connected,
For we did not weave the web of life.
We are merely a strand in it.
Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves and to our children.
Let us give thanks for the web and the Circle that connects us all

-Chief Seattle

Circle of Life: What Goes Around...Comes Around...

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Fave muzak!

Hey there, here is a mix of the tunes that pick me up, allow me to get down and open up my body, mind and soul (not in any particular order and only one tune per artist – that was the tough part)!

….let me know what you think!?    here….have a listen to Underworld – Born Slippy NUXX (open in new tab) while you read!  peace.


  1. Underworld – Born Slippy NUXX

    Underworld (Rick Smith, Karl Hyde) - electronica was the best thing that ever happend to these guys.

  2. Massive Attack – Blue Lines
  3. Morcheeba – Fear & Love
  4. Thievery CorporationSatyam Shivam Sundaram
  5. Orbital – Lush
  6. The Orb – A Huge Pulsating Brain that Rules from the Centre of the Ultraworld (Loving You)

    The Orb - Little Fluffy Clouds (feat. interview w/ Rickie Lee Jones) - makes me smile 🙂

  7. Chemical Brothers – One Too Many Mornings
  8. Prodigy – Invaders Must Die
  9. John Digweed – Heaven Scent (via Bedrock)
  10. Sasha – Cloud Cuckoo
  11. Lemon Jelly – A Tune For Jack
  12. Lemongrass – Daydreamer
  13. Everything But The Girl – Mirrorball (DJ Jazzy Jeff Sole Remix)
  14. Zero 7 – Crosses (feat. Jose Gonzalez)
  15. Air – Ce Matin La
  16. Ishq – Skyblue
  17. Daft Punk – Something About Us

    Daft Punk in "TRON" (Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, Thomas Bangalter) gonna be a wicked soundtrack!

  18. Jamiroquai Love Foolosophy
  19. Moby – Run On
  20. Bjork – Human Behaviour
  21. Justice – Genesis
  22. Gotan Project – Queremos Paz
  23. Portishead – Roads
  24. Groove Armada – Little by Little (feat. Richie Havens)
  25. Faithless – Insomnia
  26. Tangerine Dream – Love On A Real Train
  27. Ulrich Schnauss – Knuddelmaus

    Ulrich Schnauss - ....it's like Ishq, Boards of Canada and Underworld made a baby

  28. Shpongle – Falling Awake
  29. Royksopp – Remind Me
  30. Boards of Canada – Telephasic Workshop
  31. MSTRKRFT – Easy Love
  32. Etienne de Crecy – Fast Track
  33. Underworld – Juanita / Kiteless / To Dream of Love
  34. Underworld – Beaucoup Fish


  1. William DeVaughan – Be Thankful For What You Got
  2. Sam Cooke(What a) Wonderful World
  3. Otis ReddingSittin’ on the Dock of the Bay

    Otis Redding - top gun would not have been the same movie without that tune!

  4. The Beatles – Can’t Buy Me Love
  5. Fleetwood Mac – Say You Will
  6. Mazzy Star – Fade into You
  7. Tommy James & The Shondells – Crystal Blue Persuasion
  8. Van Morrison – These Dreams of You
  9. Gil Scott-Heron – B-Movie

    Gil Scott-Heron - a badass poet

  10. Ray Charles – Hallelujah, I Love Her So
  11. Al Green – Light My Fire (by the doors)
  12. Al Green – Let’s Stay Together
  13. Ben E. King – Stand By Me
  14. Ben E. King – Rose In Spanish Harlem
  15. John Lennon – Imagine
...living life in peace

john lennon - living life in peas...


  1. Cat Empire – Party Started
  2. The Streets – The Irony of it All
  3. MC 900 Ft. Jesus – The City Sleeps
  4. Raphael Saadiq – Sometimes

    Raphael Saadiq - man's got soul!

  5. Run DMC – It’s Like That
  6. A Tribe Called Quest – What?
  7. LL Cool J – Loungin’ (feat. Total)
  8. Sir Mix-A-Lot – Monster Mack

    Beavis & Butthead - Intro to "Monster Mack" - funny!

  9. Salt’n’Pepa – Champagne
  10. Wu Tang Clan – Triumph
  11. Jurassic 5 – A Day At The Races


  1. James Hunter – Hand it Over
  2. Katie MeluaLucy in the Sky with Diamonds (by the beatles)
  3. Fattburger – Work to Do (by the isley brothers)

    that is one Fattburger

  4. Craig Armstrong – Weather Storm
  5. Norah Jones – Sunrise
  6. Deathcab for Cutie – Grapvine Fires
  7. Jack Johnson – Upside Down
  8. Sia – Pictures
  9. Matt Costa – Sweet Rose
  10. Ben Harper – Burn One Down


  1. Foo Fighters – Tiny Dancer (by elton john)
  2. 311 – Amber
  3. Rage Against the Machine – Renegades of Funk
  4. MC5 – Kick Out The Jams

    MC5 - Kick Out The Jams

  5. Pink Floyd – Comfortably Numb
  6. Mother Mother – Body of Years
  7. Radiohead – Everything in it’s Right Place
  8. Mad Season – River of Deceit

    Mad Season - River of Deceit

  9. Alice in Chains – Nutshell (from mtv unplugged)
  10. System of a Down – Cigaro


  1. The Weakerthans – One Great City!

    The Weakerthans - One Great City!

  2. Remy Shand – Looking Back on Vanity
  3. Stars – My Favourite Book
  4. Moses Mayes – Space & Time (Elevation)
  5. Christian Hansen & The Autistics – Cocaine Trade
  6. Shout Out Out Out Out – Forever Indebted


  7. Master Ace – I Got Ta
  8. Sloan – The Lines You Amend
  9. Arcade Fire – Yeah Toast!
  10. Ashley MacIssac – Sleepy Maggie
  11. Tea Party – Correspondences
  12. Miracle Fortress – Digital Love (by daft punk)

    Miracle Fortress (Graham Van Pelt)

  13. Treblecharger – Friend of Mine (live)
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halloween tunes

hey everyone,

here are a few ideas for songs just in case you need an extra hour or so of tunes for the playlist tonight and you’re sick of hearing the “ghostbusters” theme song for the seventh time…

solid halloween tunes:

  • iron maiden – fear of the dark
  • concrete blonde – bloodletting
  • nine inch nails – head like a hole
  • puscifer – queen b
  • underworld – dark & long
  • the clash – london calling
  • crystal method – blood rave (“blade” theme song)
  • chemical brothers – electronic battle weapon 6
  • fatboy slim – drop the hate
  • juno reactor – control
  • mutha’s day out – what u see/we all bleed red
  • green jelly – the bear song
  • gorillaz – dracula
  • anything by rob zombie
  • …and of course, rocky horror picture show – science fiction/double feature

leave the lights on for these two…

  • prodigy – claustrophobic sting
  • aphex twin – come to daddy

trick or treat?


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A Model For Tomorrow

October 27th 2010.

Over the years we have been tarnished by the Free Press with numerous articles that eventually were proven in court to be nothing more than lies.

There was a picture that was on the front page of your paper where 9 guys were identified as being from Buffalo Point when in fact only one was a member to Buffalo Point First Nation. I will admit that Dan Lett and a few other articles did shed some positive light onto our community, but there has been more damage than good.  Compare this to the amount of money we have spent on advertising in your paper and I can honestly say that the Free Press has not done us justice.

I have written numerous times to your paper on issues that are advanced and forward thinking with no response. What are you afraid of, is it because the Free Press is a supporter of the dependency industry and the continued existence of the Indian Act and the Department of Indian Affairs?

Let me say that what we have here is the opportunity of the century. With all the decay, dysfunction and deficits we are in a unique position in creating a community of the future. Building for the long-term, with prosperity in mind we can have a sustainable energy efficiency that adapts to the revolving world. We need to be game changers and have a vision in participating in tomorrow. Maximizing our efficiency and minimizing our waste is an investment that will be the bridge to our future. Having jobs and a quality of life will be the fundamental basis to everything we strive for.

There is no free lunch and we cannot wait for outsiders to address our issues. We must have alternative investment to compete in developing smart simple solutions with our infrastructure being the central focus point.

Profit and the best risk return will separate us from the have nots. We should be able to borrow money and as long as we meet certain goals and objections those moneys should then be considered a grant.  Private profit for the public good will be the new model of philanthropy. Partnerships based on trust with an executive vision and true leadership in action will set us apart from the past.

This peninsula surrounded by water is going to be the catalyst to our success and all of our post secondary graduates will take our community to a whole new level. Training and skills with access to human resources will allow us to blow our competition out of the water.

Our world is in our hands and we can be as good as we allow ourselves to be. There are no limits to what we can do for our future generations and this community will become the model for tomorrow.

Chief John Thunder
Buffalo Point First Nation

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