A Model For Tomorrow

October 27th 2010.

Over the years we have been tarnished by the Free Press with numerous articles that eventually were proven in court to be nothing more than lies.

There was a picture that was on the front page of your paper where 9 guys were identified as being from Buffalo Point when in fact only one was a member to Buffalo Point First Nation. I will admit that Dan Lett and a few other articles did shed some positive light onto our community, but there has been more damage than good.  Compare this to the amount of money we have spent on advertising in your paper and I can honestly say that the Free Press has not done us justice.

I have written numerous times to your paper on issues that are advanced and forward thinking with no response. What are you afraid of, is it because the Free Press is a supporter of the dependency industry and the continued existence of the Indian Act and the Department of Indian Affairs?

Let me say that what we have here is the opportunity of the century. With all the decay, dysfunction and deficits we are in a unique position in creating a community of the future. Building for the long-term, with prosperity in mind we can have a sustainable energy efficiency that adapts to the revolving world. We need to be game changers and have a vision in participating in tomorrow. Maximizing our efficiency and minimizing our waste is an investment that will be the bridge to our future. Having jobs and a quality of life will be the fundamental basis to everything we strive for.

There is no free lunch and we cannot wait for outsiders to address our issues. We must have alternative investment to compete in developing smart simple solutions with our infrastructure being the central focus point.

Profit and the best risk return will separate us from the have nots. We should be able to borrow money and as long as we meet certain goals and objections those moneys should then be considered a grant.  Private profit for the public good will be the new model of philanthropy. Partnerships based on trust with an executive vision and true leadership in action will set us apart from the past.

This peninsula surrounded by water is going to be the catalyst to our success and all of our post secondary graduates will take our community to a whole new level. Training and skills with access to human resources will allow us to blow our competition out of the water.

Our world is in our hands and we can be as good as we allow ourselves to be. There are no limits to what we can do for our future generations and this community will become the model for tomorrow.

Chief John Thunder
Buffalo Point First Nation


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